CVS Pentapower offer a team of highly skilled technicians with in-depth knowledge & experience in transforming Volvo Penta engines back to their original performance.

Every engine we overhaul is fully dismantled, inspected and cleaned. Worn parts are replaced with genuine Volvo Penta parts and other components that are free from defects are re-worked to original tolerances. The engine is finally re-assembled before dynanometer testing to ensure absolute reliability, durability, efficiency & power.

Our rigorous processes ensure the same high standards of performance, service life and quality as new products, including Volvo Penta design and engine model updates. Our expertly managed diesel engine overhaul and remanufacturing service is one of the most effective ways to prolong the life of your Volvo Penta engine.

CVS Pentapower can assure that a remanufactured engine has been rebuilt to the manufacturer’s original engine specification which is guaranteed for twelve months.

For pricing information or technical assistance on our engine overhaul service and facilities please contact us directly on 01604 590977, or click here to complete our enquiry form.